USHIN Presentations

LibrePlanet 2023: Emacs for P2P Deliberation

video slides (source) subjective trust screencast

In this talk, the ushin team explores Emacs for peer-to-peer deliberation.

We are working on an Emacs interface to the hyperdrive peer-to-peer network. With no central authority to censor participants, decision-making power is distributed.

A subjective moderation system inspired by TrustNet makes it easy to find sources of information you can trust.

Emacs comes with org-mode, an effective personal knowledge management tool that we're exploring for collective use. Org-mode can be used with the seven ushin shapes (or kinds of meaning) for distinguishing facts, feelings, needs, thoughts, topics, actions, and people.

Ushin combines these ideas into a plain-text deliberation system for Emacs that is resistant to both censorship and spam through community curation.

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