USHIN Software

Ushin envisions P2P deliberative software that is free as in speech and accessible to everyone. We hope to encourage community development by building tools for Emacs hackers.

Emacs for P2P deliberation

We are currently developing a set of Emacs packages for P2P deliberation. Emacs is a long-lived, community-driven, free software project that's lots of fun to use and hack on!

Check out the presentations we've given!


hyperdrive.el is an interface to hyperdrive, a secure, real-time distributed file system designed for easy p2p file sharing. Here's the user manual and here's the changelog for hyperdrive.el.


trust.el is a subjective moderation system inspired by TrustNet that makes it easy to find sources of information you can trust.


ushin-shapes.el replaces ushin tags with ushin shapes in org-mode, a simple yet expressive plain-text format that we're exploring for collective use.

Prior projects

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